GM Temporarily Halts Manual Transmission Camaro SS Shipments

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We've been told by GM PR there's been a temporary hold on the shipment of manual transmission-equipped Camaro SS models after some owners have complained of problems after using the Launch Control feature. Sound familiar? Yeah, we thought so.

The issue doesn't affect manual transmission-equipped V6 Camaros. They will continue to leave the factory as scheduled. A GM spokesperson had this to say on the matter:

Our engineering team is reviewing data related to the performance of the manual transmission on the Camaro SS, and have temporarily stopped shipment of this model to the dealers.

This only impacts Camaro SS models with manual transmission in production. Camaro SS with automatic transmission, and Camaro LS and LT models are not affected and will continue to be shipped to dealers.

Since this is an "in production" review, we are NOT requesting vehicles be returned for any service or dealer deliveries stopped as a result of this action.


We'll keep an eye on the issue as GM releases more details. [Camaro5]

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Yeah, but at least GM isn't trying to void their warranties, and is actually being proactive in admitting that there is a problem and trying to find a solution to it as quickly as they can.

Try getting that kind of reaction out of Nissan, or any other car company any more.

There are still a lot of problems with GM, but it seems that they have got the transparency and customer service thing fixed pretty well.