GM Releases Official Statement On High Performance Vehicle Operations Dismemberment

GM's issued the following official statement on the "temporary" dismemberment of the General's High Performance Vehicle Operations team in order to clarify earlier statements. Clarify? Maybe. Justify? Sure. Make us happy? Still not so much.

GM Statement Regarding High Performance Vehicle Operations

Due to a refined focus of work on core products, resources at General Motors High Performance Vehicle Operations (H.P.V.O.) have been temporarily reassigned.

The 60 engineers impacted by the decision are a talented, experienced group and have been placed in other engineering operations of General Motors to work on core, volume products, including further improvements in fuel efficiency and advanced propulsion. These are talented engineers who will add their expertise to the various teams they are joining.

When market conditions and public demand for high performance or specialty vehicles change in the future, General Motors will return these resources to their original tasks.


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