GM Files Patents For Tribeca-Based Saab 9-6X, Tale Of The Saaburu Maybe Not Complete

The Saab forums are alight with chatter about recently filed GM patents showing off images of a Saabified Subaru Tribeca which resembles a four door version of a design mock up unofficially photographed way back in 2005. The interesting part is the supposed Saab 9-6X swipes much of its architecture and styling from the Subaru Tribeca, even though GM split with the Japanese automaker shortly after the original spy photos. These filings are dated as of November 4, 2008, so it's not like they've been floating around in the ether for 3 years. It's also possible the web is in the process of getting snookered by some photoshopper who thinks he's a funny guy. If real it would be a replacement for the 9-7X which is about to be killed off with a plant closure. Of course, in our opinion Saab needs a replacement SUV like a Prius needs drag slicks.


[Turbonines, Trollhatan Saab]

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