GM Exec Who Called Global Warming A 'Crock Of Shit' Wants Fisker

Illustration for article titled GM Exec Who Called Global Warming A Crock Of Shit Wants Fisker

Fiskers are efficient luxury hybrids. Former GM Exec Bob Lutz didn't like that, so he had the hybrid system ripped out, threw in a supercharged V8, and the VL Destino was born. Now, with Fisker doing poorly, VL has reportedly put in a bid to buy the company. V8 Karmas for everyone!


The Lutz-led VL Automotive and Chinese supplier Wanxiang Group have reportedly made an offer to take over the beleaguered automaker. Right now, anything would be a good change for Fisker.


Even though they haven't officially filed for bankruptcy yet, the founder of the company has left, they've laid off the majority of the staff, and they have also retained bankruptcy lawyers.

If VL takes over, then we'll have an American super sedan with a Corvette ZR1 engine and gorgeous styling to take on the super sedans from Europe. You're on notice Mr. BMW M6 GranCoupe GT M-Sport xDrive iS ActiveHybrid!

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Matt Hardigree

This is great news. A Bob Lutz-led Fisker is just crazy enough to work. Or fail in an astounding way. There's no in-between.