GM Employees Put The Social In Social Security

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Is it possible for things to be worse for a GM employee? How about if you are one of 100 GM workers that a Michigan man targeted in a plot to commit identity theft? Yeah, then it could be worse.

Here's how the plot went down...

...James Stafford Green II, the Michigan man arraigned today on three separate charges, sent emails to employees of the General identifying himself as a member of GM Company Vehicle Operations. In these emails Green would request his targets confirm personal and confidential information including their social security numbers.


The incident brings to mind a number of questions. One, how did Green get the names and emails? Two, how gullible do GM employees have to be to send their personal information not only to some other random employee, but more specifically a random employee using his Yahoo email account?!?

This does not bode well for the workforce of the great state of Michigan.

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