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GM Display Closedown Due to 60 Minutes Coverage

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Conspiracy theorists were abuzz about why the General sealed off its Detroit show display last night and pulled the Tahoe Hybrid off its pedestal. Guesses ranged from the Trilateralesque (e.g., PR damage control spurred by some media type finding out the show Tahoe's hybrid powerplant was faked) to the mundane (e.g., a group of analysts were getting a private tour). In reality, according to the New York Times, GM gave the "60 Minutes" crew the run of the place for those hours, likely as a way to state its product case in the face of a CBS News hatchet job.

G.M. has temporarily closed off its display to accomodate the filming of a 60 Minutes episode. Speculation is that rather than just letting CBS crucify the company and its beleaguered chief Rick Wagoner, G.M. is hoping to ameliorate the damage from the report.


For "60 Minutes'" sake, we hope they got to check under the Tahoe Hybrid's hood — and knew what to look for.

Hybrid Happenings at GM [internal]

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