We didn't have the video of Wagoner pulling up in the Chevy Volt mule dressed up in the skin of a Chevy Cruze earlier. Now we do. We also have to say, we're pretty happy with how the Cruze looks in motion. Pretty snazzy if you ask us. We'll take ours with a turbo 1.4-liter four-banger rather than the Volt innards and definitely with the "dog-and-pony show" graphics-delete option. Also, we're now told Alan "Boeing! Boeing!" Mulally and Bob "The Builder" Nardelli are seated and Dodd's started flapping his gums. UPDATE: According to CNBC's Phil LeBeau, GM's modifying their request from the gubm'it — they need $4 billion this month and $4 billion in January (from $4 billion in December, $6 billion in March) to stave off the Carpocalypse!

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