GM Cancels Extra Cobalt Production Due To Parts Shortage

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With small car sales exploding thanks to record gas prices, GM finds itself unable to build enough Chevy Cobalts to satisfy demand. Now a parts shortage is further complicating the situation. GM had planned to run a double shift this Saturday at the Lordstown, OH plant that assembles the Cobalt and Pontiac G5, but at least one unidentified supplier has apparently been caught flat-footed and unable to meet demand. Cobalt sales have been up about 10% for the year, but fell 27% in August, a decline GM blames on supplier shortages. Presumably G5 production is also affected, but Aveo clone enthusiasts can rest comfortably knowing that plans for the Pontiac G3 remain in full swing. [Marketwatch]

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So for a while it will be a Nobalt. And maybe when the suppliers catch up they could come out with a winter edition called a Snobalt.

There's probably a reason I'm not in marketing. Yeah, I'm not a rotten lying bastard - that's it.