The Incredible Spectacle That Is The Isle Of Man TT

There is nothing on earth quite like the Isle of Man TT race. Each year, scores of competitors both professional and amateur line up to try their luck on one of the most difficult and dangerous courses of all time.

Perhaps even more amazing are the droves of spectators who gather to watch the race, a mix of townspeople who embrace the race's role on the island's history and visitors in town just to experience the event. Monster Energy has an interesting new video that helps capture the spirit of the race, and what it's like to take the event in.


"Just sitting on the wall and having them go past you at 100+ mile an hour speeds, you can't explain it until you see it," says one race watcher. "It's unfathomable."

I can only imagine. One of these years, we're gonna have to go over there and cover it ourselves.

Hat tip to Lindsay!

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