Parachutes Save Thirteen Lives As Skydiving Plane Crashes Into Lake

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People who are too wimpy to skydive will often invoke a defensive phrase that goes something like, "Why would I want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" But in New Zealand on Wednesday, one of those skydiving planes was not good at all, and forced all of its occupants to bail out in a moment of despair.

Skydive Taupo video (YouTube)

The pink plane crashed into Lake Taupo, just after noon on Wednesday, about 200 meters from the shore. In a statement, police said: "The aircraft encountered an emergency situation during the climb to altitude and as a result all of those on board, including the pilot, exited the aircraft by parachute." New Zealand's Stuff says The Transport Accident Investigation Commission is sending four investigators to the scene, to secure evidence and look into the cause. The investigation could take up to 18 months.


The company involved in the incident is called Skydive Taupo. They offer the highest drop point in the Southern Hemisphere, at 15,000 feet. The YouTube video above was just posted this week, so it was probably shot only a few days before this plane or a similar one crashed. Skydive Taupo's website makes no mention of the crash.

Top image: posted to Twitter by the New Zealand Herald

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Glad this had a good outcome. Kudos to the crew for thinking quick and getting out.