Girl Crashes Her SUV into Nature, Bees Unhappy

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We once almost crashed our car due to an errant yellowjacket that stung us as we took off from a stoplight, but that's nothing compared to what a sixteen-year-old girl in Indiana had to contend with when she lost control of her SUV on a gravel road and wrapped it around a tree. But not just any tree. A tree that happened to have many, many bees in it. And not happy, benign bees, but bees angry that some impetuous human would assault the location of their hive with a few tons of steel.

Jacqueline Cossairt was stuck in the wreck with a couple of broken legs as rescue workers attempted to free her and bees attempted to punish her. Frankly, the whole thing just sounds really terrifying to us. Think about it; two busted legs and a swarm of angry bees all up your steez? That definitely goes beyond the realm of the merely unpleasant. [Thanks to Thnderblt for the tip.]


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