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Ghost-Riding The Whip, Iraq Edition

It's got to be tough living in the middle of a war zone, in a strange country, under constant stress. So it's understandable when troops blow off a little steam by being goofy. For example, ghost-riding Humvees and MRAP's. Yep, the craze that started with a yellow short bus and later saw bored suburban kids crashing cars into all manner of whatnot has reached the sands of Iraq. We briefly considered ghost riding the MRAP when we did the ride along, but we decided that climbing up and down the ladder would have overtaxed even our sculpted blogger's physique. [via YouTube, YouTube, YouTube and YouTube]


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Rob Emslie


Useful advice as my own, personal, Ghostriding experience has been limited to following the progress of my car, from behind the window, at the car wash.