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"NEEEEON KNIIIIIIIGHTS! NEON KNIIIIIIAAAI-IIAGHTS!" Okay, now that we've got that out of our system, we thought we'd mutter a bit about Plexineon, the lighting system used on the Ford Super Chief Concept. Full disclosure: while one of the Super Chief's design engineers totally went off on us for not calling her before we'd even managed to arrange a date, we still like the truck, and we thought the lighting appointments were pretty cool (a part of the vehicle she had nothing to do with, although we very much liked the part of the vehicle she did work on).

The lights, with the exception of the headlights, were all part of iLight's LED-based Plexineon technology, which allows the look of neon without the annoying hum and fragility. In fact, the stuff's designed to last the life of the vehicle. Which in the Super Chief's case should end around the time of the Los Angeles Auto Show this November.

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