Getaway Is Every Car Movie Made In The Last Five Years Combined

What if you combined Taken, Drive and The Transporter but added a twist of Before Sunrise and set it all in a Shelby Super Snake? You'd have Getaway, which we have the trailer for right here.


From what I can tell Ethan Hawke is a generic stock car driver who gets almost carjacked by Selena Gomez and has to rescue his wife who was taken by who I think is Jon Voight with a weird accent (please tell me there's a cameo for the LeBaron). There's going to be a lot of car chases, exploding Opels, and one fast-driving Hamlet.

Hopefully, it isn't just one long collection of they-took-my-wife-I'm-so-pissed movie tropes or, if it is, they'll fill it with enough tire-murdering fun that we don't even notice.

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