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"We will not cater to you and serve you wine
and food. We will pick you up from any location, under any circumstance, and get you safely to your destination as fast as possible, without "capture."
— Text on Getaway Drivers Web site


With the descriptions of its services strangely cryptic (not to mention all the spelling errors), Getaway Drivers' Web site might as well be the online front for an identity-theft ring. We're still not sure it isn't, but if you take the company's come-on at face value, it provides wheelmen (and women) for those in need of a "quick getaway." According to the site, the Getaway Drivers' drivers are all certified by the Underground Drivers Association, a group so shadowy it defies Google. The only thing we know for sure about Getaway Drivers is that the company's Internet domain was set up by online security firm Domains by Proxy to protect the owner's identity. Pretty sneaky, sis.

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