Get your own Tron Light Cycle for $55,000

Remember how much you hated those kids whose parents always bought them the latest thing from Hammacher Schlemmer? (Ooh, night-vision goggles!) Now they can even order a Light Cycle... or at least a Suzuki 996cc-powered, street-legal motorcycle inspired by Tron: Legacy.


According to the online catalog, the built-to-order Light Cycle lookalike — likely the same one created by Parker Brothers Choppers — gets its telltale looks via a fiberglass cowling with built-in electroluminescent strips, over a steel frame. The hubless wheels are truck tires "built up then custom-shaped to fit onto one of two counter-rotating rims spinning within each other." Really? Holy Toledo.

The rider lays nearly prone, with his feet on foot pegs that control the cycle's 6-speed manual transmission (it's chain driven). Naturally, the handlebars fit traditional throttle and braking controls. The suspension is spring-loaded in the front and rigid at the rear. A wet sump lube system requires no tubes and hoses for oil pick-up, which the company says facilitates its "streamlined, minimalist design."

Now let's see how quickly that spoiled brat loses interest in this thing, and leaves it in a ditch off Mulholland Highway.

(Hat tip to Jesse!)

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