Get on the Hydro Bus: Ford Introduces Hydrogen-Fueled V10

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Hide your copy of Led Zeppelin I: Ford's become the first automaker in the world (read: F-U, BMW) to put a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine into production. According to a release, the company's made good on its threats to build an airport shuttle that runs on hydrogen. The E-450 buses will be powered by the product of Ford's labors in this regard, a supercharged, intercooled 6.8-liter V10 engine that burns hydrogen in a manner similar to that of gasoline, only with near zero emissions of regulated pollutants and greenhouse gases. They've beaten the only other carmaker to say they'd bring a hydrogen-fueled ICE to market, BMW, which indicated earlier this year that their own hydrogen-fueled entry was two-years off. Their corporate buddy, Mazda has already started leasing dual-fuel (gasoline-hydrogen) RX-8s in Japan.


Mazda Starts Leasing Hydrogen Dual-Fuel RX-8s in Japan; Ford to Produce Hydrogen-Powered Airport Shuttle [internal]

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