Matt Kenseth's NASCAR Feud With Joey Logano Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Remember the end of last year, when NASCAR’s headlines were all dominated with the beef between Matt Kenseth and Joey Logano? It’s baaaaaaaack! This time, Kenseth blamed Logano for contact during today’s Talladega race and gave him a bit of a warning as they were both outside the infield care center.

The infield care center is where much of the field ended up today after a carnage-heavy race. Both Kenseth and Logano had gotten caught up in the same late-race pile-up.


Kenseth is pretty quiet in the background and not quite within reach of NASCAR’s microphones, but I’d imagine he’s telling Logano something about watching his back [bumper] and/or taking this pointy-finger seriously.

Here is the incident where Logano and Kenseth came together during today’s race at Talladega:


NASCAR manager of content Zack Albert noticed a little extra something accompanying this nudge:


Guess the gesture! (I’ve got $5 and a bottle of mayonnaise-based BBQ sauce on something that would be blurred out on TV.)

While this may look like fairly routine contact (and fairly tame contact in the context of today’s race) and Logano even let Kenseth back in line, let’s not forget about the acrimonious history between these two.


Kenseth explained his reignited beef to NBC Sports:

The first thing that happened is (Logano) ran me off the racetrack, and that got us way behind. I thought we were done with that, but maybe we aren’t.

So he ran me off the track, and honestly, I was just going straight here and just got ran into and then I was just hanging on.


Kenseth also accused Logano of forcing him to be in the position where he ended up in a later 12-car wreck, according to NBC Sports. That pile-up was started by Michael McDowell coming together with Danica Patrick behind the front-runners in the field. That was when Kenseth’s car took a terrifying tumble through the air, so I can give him a pass for being mad at everybody there.

Oh, NASCAR. If there’s one thing your writers excel at, it’s foreshadowing. Where is the NASCAR Sprint Cup headed next? Kansas Speedway, of course—the very spot where this feud erupted last year.


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Urambo Tauro

Gesture out the window of 20-Kenseth toward 22-Logano after their backstraight coming-together.

A momentary lack of self-restraint.

A momentary overabundance of Will Power.