German Overengineeing Is Alive And Well In The BMW i8

The BMW i8 is a technological marvel, but it's also German, which means there's an insane amount of overengineering that goes into the simplest things. Here's what one Opponaut found out from a BMW "i tech", including how to open that supposedly unopenable hood.

German Overengineeing is alive and well in the i8

The insane engineering and complexity of the i8 doesn't stop with its drivetrain and design. It extends to even the most simple aspects of the car such as opening the hood and refueling; the engineering of which is meant to save weight/keep customers from casually messing with the high voltage half of the car and from having fuel vapor be ignited by an errant spark, respectively. There's even three capacitors that provide up to four weeks of backup power to the doors, but if even those fail, you have a manual release that has multiple steps to prevent children from opening them while the vehicle is in motion.

The wait to pickup the i8 has been made a little easier with a steady stream of pictures and videos from my sales associate. Here he and the Tech (and most of the rest of the dealership) are shown some of the more obscure and undocumented service and backups engineered into the i8. For the record it's by far the best experience I've had with a dealer so far. I'm also extremely pleased to know the service tech has taken the time to learn about the minutia of servicing a car they might only get one or two of the first year.

It looks like they learned their lesson from when they would put access to the battery behind an electronically operated door.