When Tye Kuykendall found $200,000 worth of counterfeit money while fixing a busted fuel line on his second-hand 2000 Buick, it was probably the single most exciting moment any Buick-owner has had in this century.

Mr. Kuykendall had purchased the vehicle from the Police impound for $400, where it had been sitting for three years with its windows open, turning into a moldy mess. After dumping money into the car to make it roadworthy, he noticed a gas leak and while crawling around underneath to fix it found a secret compartment where what he thought was $200,000 worth of cold hard cash was hidden.

After turning the loot over the county police, he was told the cash was actually fake, so the Secret Service will have some very exciting questions for the previous owner, if they can track him down. Tye? Well, he's just got a very stinky Buick with a custom storage compartment. [AJC]