Georgia Lawyer Orders Five Traffic Cameras To "Show Up" In Court

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A Georgia lawyer's employing a novel defense strategy for her client, accused of running a red light, by subpoenaing the witnesses, five traffic cameras. They did not show up to court.


The legality of traffic cameras is rather shaky and the perception of the state applying unfair fines on motorists makes them particularly irksome. Georgia lawyer Regina Quick is taking aim at one of the most troublesome aspects: Though the camera can't lie, it also can't replace an officer of the law's judgment in a situation. They may be witnesses, but they cannot swear an oath and testify in court. Her client's been accused of running a red light in Athens, Georgia and red light cameras were the witnesses, so she's called them in to testify in court. They didn't show up, no surprise. Somehow, however, we doubt the maneuver will be successful in the end, but it is clever in its own 'stick this in your eye' kinda way. (Hat tip to Zeeboid) [Online Athens]

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no cameras in virginia. go us. my mom got a ticket in my dads car so he got the bill. theres one way to get around it.