Vampire Weekend Are A Bunch Of Dicks

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Here's the best-case scenario I was hoping for when I saw that Vampire Weekend torched some Saab 900s for their new "Diane Young" music video: I was hoping that the two 900s were old, decrepit, maybe found in a junkyard or damaged beyond repair in Hurricane Sandy, and that they were being sent to a better place. This is apparently not the case, and the real story will upset you a great deal.


Jalopnik reader tgx4776 found the Facebook page for CBR Towing, the company that hauled off the two Saabs to their final, fiery destination.

And guess what? Those weren't busted-ass cars at all. They were deeply loved by their owners who wanted to see them go to a nice new home. The old owners were completely unaware of the cars' fate.

Ready for a Saab story? These two cars will be lit on fire in a music video on Saturday. The previous owners I picked them up from were telling me all of the nice times they had in them and to make sure to take care of them. Little do they know they will be charcoal in 2 days. Both said they wanted to see the finished video. It was hard to keep a straight face while they proclaimed their love for these Junkers.

I sent a Facebook message to CBR Towing, who confirmed that those are indeed the Saabs from the Vampire Weekend video and yes, they were both running at the time.

Fuck, you guys. I don't even have anything snarky to say about this one. I'm just gonna go off somewhere and be sad for a while.

Way to be dicks, Vampire Weekend.

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Chris Splendoria

George, you're the only person in the universe that cares about Saabs.

Please take fact under advisement the next time you feel the need to make another teary Saab post.