Geniuses Turn Old BMW Into The Ultimate Beat-Dropping Drink Machine

What do you do when you have an old BMW 5-Series just lying around? Yeah, you could turn it into a decent Lemons car. Or you could transform it into a rolling jukebox that sprays fog and dispenses cold drinks.

How come no one else has thought of that?

German artist duo Neulant van Exel turned this E28 into the "Brassmobil," a public art project sponsored by Jägermeister. It's kind of amazing.

The Brassmobil features a full drum machine set with controls on the trunk, a disco ball inside, flashing lights, a fog machine, and a system that dispenses unspecified cold drinks, presumably Jägermeister. Not something to mix with driving, but lots of fun if you aren't.


I would very much like to hoon the Brassmobil. Wouldn't you?

Photos credit Neulant van Exel, used with permission

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