Geneva Motor Show: Jalopnik Takes No Prisoners, Day Two

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Well, our little Swiss adventure at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show is now drawing to a close. Spinelli and Ben have already hopped in bed for a good night's sleep that's been a long few days in the coming. We're excited to finally be able to wake up tomorrow at our normal un-godly hour for the first time this week. But, if you weren't able to catch today's wild weirdness, here's the entire day for you — all wrapped up in a shiny chocolate wrapper-like package. Enjoy.

Booth Professionals Of The 2008 Geneva Motor Show

Mercedes AMG SL63 Debuts in Geneva

Fiat 500 Abarth Revealed: Still Small, Now With Added "Wicked"

Webasto LigHT Concept Has Light Top, Accurate Name

2009 Infiniti FX50 Revealed At Poorly-Lit Function

Lumeneo Smera: 80 MPH EV Gets Geneva Started Down Path Of Weird

Lotus Europa SE Revealed; Shows Off Pretty Smile, 222 Horsepower

Spyker C8 Aileron Lifts Flaps In Geneva

Sportec SP600 Thinks It's So Funny, Plays Tricks on Cameras

Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès: For When A $1 Million Bugatti Veyron Isn't Exclusive Enough

Fab Design Takes Benzes to Eleven In Tastelessness, Your Bank Account To Zero

2009 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in Geneva; Don't Blink, It's the Same on the Outside

Toyota IQ Is The Smartest Production Car At Geneva

Opel Meriva Concept Revealed, Hooray For Suicide...Doors

Mercedes-Benz CL500 4MATIC, For Those Ski Trips In The Swiss Alps

Saab 9-X Is A Hybrid Of Concept And Reality

Citroen C5 Touring Must Be French For "Hard To Fold Seats"

Mercedes C-Class Get Über-Efficient With BlueEFFICIENCY Techology

Mercedes GLK Hybrid Crossover Is A Double Compromise

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Rears Its Extremely Pretty Head

European Honda Accord Sedan And Wagon



Rob Emslie

Guys; again, great coverage. This site is SO much better than Popular Mechanics.

Now, remember what we all want you to bring home with you: press kits, maybe some nice lingonberry pie, and the Lambo girl with the high beams.

Now go get a drink.