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German horsepower haus, Gemballa recently launched its latest big-ticket porsche conversion, the GTR 650 Avalanche. Based on the 997 Carrera, the nearly $300,000 ber-Porsche cranks out 650hp and around 600 ft-lbs of torque by way of a turbo setup with three intercoolers, titanium piston rods and a custom intake. At this performance level, Avalanche is only available as a two-seater for, as the company's legal team advises, "safety reasons." Stoppage is brought to you by the number eight (as in caliper pistons) and the letter P, as in perforated disks; 19 wheels come standard, though dubs are available for extra cost. A roll bar is also available, for those who can't keep their hands off the Nordschleife lap-ticket dispenser.

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