Obviously the Ferrari Enzo is wildly understated. It's barely passable as a pauper's car. That's why the Gemballa MIG-U1 takes the plain-vanilla bodywork and kicks it up a bit, finally making a reasonable conveyance for totally legitimate Russian businessman.

Click through the gallery to see our take on the new design "enhancements."

Gembella did their best to make the Enzo something people would actually look at rather than look straight past it out of boredom. New body work all around, revised headlights, a roof scoop and carbon fiber all over the place.

The side profile has been much improved by the subtle cladding and venting, along with the always-classy spoiler.


The functional spoiler adds a touch of restraint to the design to go along with the subtle stacked dual tail pipes.


At the very least the price of the upgrade is worth the Romanian brothel-inspired inspired interior.

[via BitRebels]