Gawker Geeks Out, Launches io9 Sci-Fi Site

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So you're pretty anxious about 2008? How about 2078? If you're thoughts end up bent more towards the future than the present, maybe our newly launches sister-site, io9 might be for you. Described by editor Annalee Newitz as a pop-culture site in which she and her team of sci-fi savvy writers get to focus on "fantasies as well as realities in terms of what's going on in the future," the blog focuses on some pretty mainstream sci-fi stuff — books, movies, Lost (definitely recommend that one if you're not already a Lost-o-phile — get a roundup in 8 minutes, 15 seconds)! And with crowd pleasers like space porn and "how to shit in space" we know they can't go wrong. Although the girl-with-implant avatar is kinda creeping us out — but no more than the old "lollipop-with-sunglasses-dude." Check them out. [io9]


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Sure, you laughed when I put on my aluminum foil hat, but now you know the dirty secret of my ability to see into the future. What's done is done. Je regrette rien...

The worst part is getting a jones for stuff that won't even be invented until I'm dead. Life can be so confusing.