Gas Prices Are Feeling A Little Bit Bloated Today

Has anyone gone out and tried to fill up today? If you're in the Midwest, you're paying anywhere between $2.80 and $2.99. Even Michigan's auto-friendly Governor Granholm has launched an online petition to send to President Bush asking him WTF is going on. On the West Coast, we've heard prices are approaching $3.00 (or $4.00 in Beverly Hills...but that's mostly due to the TomKat family's fleet of Ford's used the other day). Out on the East Coast, prices hit $3.00 a gallon — that is if you can find any gas to fill up with — as reports of gas-less stations are sifting up from local media outlets. All of this gets us thinking maybe there is more we could be doing, especially with Earth Day tomorrow. Well, at least the Main Stream Media is all over this. CNN has the touching story above of a man pawning his watch for gas — to run his 1991 Jaguar.

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