Gas Huffer Archetype

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Back in the days when the local dragstrip was the place to prove what one could do with wrench and heavy foot the digger was king. While stockers and door cars were the hot setup on the east coast, rail dragsters huffing nitromethane and gasoline through a roots supercharger were the deal out west. Many a speed demon kept one of these in their garages and hauled it on an open trailer to as many as four races in a given weekend. These guys kept racing for as many rounds as they could, until they nipped a piston, burnt a valve, or windowed the engine block. Winning meant getting the chicks and some scratch to come back next weekend. Losing meant ISKY and Dean Moon sold some more parts. This prime example of an unmolested 60's gas dragster was spied at the California Hot Rod Reunion a while back. Hell yes, it has a hemi. State of the art SoCal dragster engineering circa 1964 in the [Gallery]

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