Game Shows About License Plates Once Actually Existed

The late 1980s were a magical time when, recovering from the drugs and key-parties excesses of the 1970s, America (well, Canada here, but still) turned their attention to simpler pleasures. Stupider pleasures, like personalized license plates. So much so that we made game shows about them.


The show came from Wink Martindale's goofy idea sweatshops (horrible windowless prisons where nerdy comedy writers stared at green-screen monitors and contracted diabetes) and was called Bumper Stumpers! It aired on Canadian television from 1987-1990, giving the great white North three solid years of the most mildest form of fun imaginable.

Essentially, you had to decipher personalized plates based on clues, and from what I can tell, they loved pulling cheap tricks like using a Roman numeral V instead of a '5' and shit like that.


This was what television once was, people. Remember that the next time you bitch about some reality show about erotic meth lab bakeries.

(Thanks, I think, Jack!)

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