Game On! Round III Of The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game Tonight On CNBC

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CNBC's On The Money has again asked our own Motown associate editor to get back on the horse and drop some of his mad pundit skills about some "Bold Moves" being made by Big Boss Bill and the boys n' girls at FoMoCo. He'll be talking up a storm at 7:00 PM tonight about the most recent tv adverts to hit the airwaves — and he'll be freestylin' his way through all of it. What's that mean to you guys? It's a chance to take a drink each time Wert looks sideways — and it's also a chance to help us come up with some new additions to the only "Official Car Pundit Drinking Game." Here's where the rules stand so far — and in addition to all the usual pomp and circumstance, we've even gone ahead and commissioned some artwork for the occasion. So stand up and make your "way forward" in the comments or via e-mail at with some additional rules to the game.

Every shot of our Official Car Pundit Drinking Game [internal]

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Mark — that's just how the Jalop rolls, what can we say?

Wohho — it was taped, I'm still available for some Charg-ed up fun. ;)