Future Volkswagens to Steer Electromagnetically

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The engineering department at Volkswagen has developed a system that politely suggests when it is time for the driver to countersteer. Thanks to the miracle of electromagnetic power steering, the Volkswagen ESP Plus Steering Impulse technology will intervene during slippery driving conditions. This intervention can shorten stopping distances by ten percent. Volkswagen assures us via World Car Fans that the system does not actually steer the car, rather it merely helps the driver steer more efficiently through a gentle nudge of the steering wheel.

On the contrary, the system gives just a recommendation to steer, even if barely noticeable, with a torque of no more than three Newton metres. This is therefore as far as it ever goes: ESP thinks, the person steers - it's just more effective.

[ Superior Technology from World Car Fans ]

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Good lord, a steering wheel that "gently" tells you which way to turn. On top of that, we have cars that shift by the press of a button, cars that start at the push of a button, and climate controlled via a touch screen amongst other things. I'm terrified, you know how little the learning curve will be for kids in the not so distant future? They'll graduate from play Gran Turismo to freeway driving. Scary.