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Future RV Sales to Reach into Billions

Illustration for article titled Future RV Sales to Reach into Billions

Even with a jittery stock market and a softening housing sector, RV sales are expected to pick up moving into 2008. Active consumers evidently treat RV purchases similar to that of a second home. Even though this second home rolls, interest rates are still deductible! This sales forecast could change if the economy experiences hiccups or a sharp increase in interest rates, unless people disregard a crumbling economy and take to the road Damnation Alley style in a last-ditch RV effort to save America from a post Trilateral Commission world domination conspiracy. [Active Consumers Buying More Recreational Vehicles via]


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Whoa! This has nothing to do with the post but....

Back in '93 I was schleping esspresso at this coffee house located at the Devil's Punch Bowl on the Oregon coast. One foggy morning it was slow so I walked outside to take a beak. There in the parking lot was parked a rig that looked almost exactly like that thing in the above photo. Except it had a four wheel two axel set up. It was flat grey, about the size of a large garbage truck and all riveted together like some kind of post apocalyptic Winnebago. I thought it must have been a sci fi movie prop or something because it was so well constructed. I couldn't believe I missed it comming in as it had to have rolled right past the coffee house and when I ran back to get one of my coworkers to check it out it was gone and I didn't see it leave. It was so completley random and very weird.

Maybe it was a quad esspresso induced hallucination.