Further proof stick shifts stop car crime

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More evidence that a manual transmission is not merely a means to greater car control and a better driving experience: Like a similar case late last month, a shift lever and clutch pedal have prevented yet another carjacking.


On Tuesday night a Denver-area woman leaving a gas station was stopped at gunpoint by a would-be car thief. After taking the woman's purse and the keys to her 2004 Audi, the perpetrator got into the car and attempted to drive off...until it became clear that he did not know how to work the transmission. The now-humiliated hoodlum chose to flee the scene rather than ask for a quick driving lesson.

The suspect was described as a white male in his early twenties. Possible identifying features include a gray hoodie, a lack of hand-foot coordination, and a tangible sense of embarrassment.

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Kids, drop the game controller and learn how to operate a shifter.