Fun With the Future, Courtesy of BMW and Mercedes

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Edmunds' Inside Line talked with Raymond Freymann, managing director of BMW's Research and Technology division, as well as with Mercedes large-car project manager Hans Multhaupt about the long-term future of the automobile. Besides addressing serious issues like the uses of wireless connectivity and the applications of fuel-cell technology, Freymann and Multhaupt also said some really funny stuff especially if it's read in a German accent. Don thine black turtleneck and interesting eyeglasses and check it after the jump.

"We can say for certain who has not been born."
"The silver people are the proudest on earth."
"We are talking about a flying car, but we are not working on one."


"A bird doesn't have armor. We need to develop the intelligence of a bird to avoid an accident."

3-to-1, Freymann wins the crazy German scientist stereotype award, but Multhaupt's bird quote is mighty choice. Somebody should get on the stick and record this crap over a Kraftwerk sample.

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