Fun With Spelling and Grammar: VW SP2 on eBay!

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In the interest of eye-friendliness, we've killed the all-caps in this quote pulled from the car's description:

"This is a 1975 Volkswagon SP2 a super rare Volkswagon that is the only one being offered on eBay because it is so rare, looks like a cross between a 911 Porshe & a Pantera which here in America is hardly seen if ever at all,"


Then again, the spelling and punctuation are enough to scratch through one's scalp and well into one's cerebral cortex. Who are these people, and how did they ever manage to afford hyper-obscure Brazilian Vee Dubs with what's obviously a third-grade education?

Meanwhile, on Wikipedia, it's mentioned that "While prices during the production time frame were roughly the same as the Beetle, the price of well preserved one today is considerably highter than contemporally Vw models." The SP2's a neat-looking car, but we're afraid that buying one may well brand you as functionally illiterate by proxy. [Thanks to Brian for alerting us to the dismal state of education in this country.]

1975 Volkswagen Other Model SP2 [eBay]

Volkswagen SP2 [Wikipedia]; Don't Make Friends With Your Fast, Just Bid On It [Internal]


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