Fruit by the Foot: Length-Oriented Parking Fees on the Table in UK

We actually think this is a pretty interesting idea. Norwich City Council members have floated the idea that motorists who apply for parking permits in the UK municipality should pay by the length of their vehicle. While we think Red Ken's proposed tripling of the congestion charge for large vehicles is presented in a really screwy way, especially considering a Landie isn't three times as long as a Fiat Panda. But this parking-by-length scheme actually seems like a pretty good plan.

Under the plan, small cars would continue to pay 16 a year for parking permits, while owners of vehicles between 3.92m and 4.45m would pay 22 per year, while the 4.45m-and-up set would front 30 per year. Besides hopefully encouraging the purchase of more efficient vehicles, the plan could conceivably free up 520 parking spaces on Norwich streets. And who doesn't love more parking? On the flipside, though, it is only a few bob a year; for such a plan to work, the pricing structure might need to be more aggressive.


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