From Bauhaus to Kia's House: Audi TT Designer to Head Automaker's European Studio

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Looks like Hyundai wants its little Kia to grow up to be a little more German. No, it's not making execs listen to The Golden Lemons or watch only films adhering to the Oberhausen Manifesto. It's hired Sonny Shroyer Peter Schreyer, designer of the first-gen Audi TT to head up its worldwide design operations. He'll be creating a more distinctive family identity, while giving its designs more appeal for European buyers. Whether his new creations will be informed by the Neue Sachlichkeit movement, or if he'll reach back to Die Br cke for a more vibrant, yet dissonant aesthetic vocabulary, remains to be seen.

TT visionary is Kia's new design boss [Autocar]

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