First Solo

I had to take a couple of weekends off from flying due to some family stuff but I got back to it today. The flight club I take lessons though got another Cessna 172 and I hadn't had a chance to fly it yet so I figured today was as good a day as any. I just stayed in the traffic pattern because I hadn't flown in a awhile and the ceiling was only about 1400 feet.

In addition to learning a new plane I was little bit rusty and the first couple of landing were not very smooth. After about ten touch and goes everything smoothed out again and the next 6 were perfect. Then my instructor told me to park and then go do some touch and goes on my own. I knew I was close but I was not expecting that my first day back. I have 10.4 hrs in the cockpit after today.

This is the only picture I can find of the new plane

As if that was cool enough....

I had just taken off after my first touch and go when I heard the "Tower this is Fortress 3703 golf for low approach on 18". I didn't really think much of at the time but on my downwind leg I saw this flying low over the runway.


B-17 - Memphis Belle.

How many people can say that they had to deal with B-17 wake turbulence on their second solo landing ever? Not a bad day by any stretch.


(Edit: Just did some research. N3703G is not the original Memphis Belle, but it is the B-17 used in the 1990 movie by the same name.)