French Tow Truck Wrestles With A Lamborghini Gallardo For, Like, Ever

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Looks like some dude parked his Lamborghini Gallardo where he shouldn't have in Cannes, France inspiring local police to sick the wrecker on him. The tow truck team was probably stoked to add such an elegant vehicle to their repo lot before they realized what a pain in the ass it would be to hook up.


At least it seems they were taking their time to minimize damage to the car. Or maybe they were just billing hourly. Both? Dudes didn't have a flatbed to call, I guess. Which is surprising because I'd imagine towing sports cars would be a pretty regular duty in a swanky place like Cannes.

Despite the Lambo beeping cries of protest the Frenchmen manage to tow it away in the end, albeit a little sideways. I can't believe someone had the patience to camp out and record this whole thing.

Anyway, enough about a dolled up Volkswagen. How cool is that compact wrecker?

Hat Tip to Thomas/World Supercars!


How exactly would they have loaded it on a Flat Bed?