Freebird! Ford Releases Photos, Info on 2007 LR2

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It's no more a Freelander than the LR3 is a Discovery, but the LR2 is nonetheless ready to go as the new entry Landie. We've been waiting for this day ever since we concluded the last Freelander was a cocked-up, overpriced mess. We're hoping this one, built on Ford's C1/P1 platform — like the Volvo S40, Mazda3 and European Focus — will do for the 'lander what the LR3 did for the 'scovery. Of course, addressing the last model's most obvious shortcoming is a new, transverse-mounted 3.2-liter inline six, producing 230 hp, that also shows up in the Volvo S80 (share those parts, PAG!). It's linked to a new shiftable six-speed autobox with the CommandShift option introduced in the LR3 (and spreading to the Range Rover this year). There's also more head and legroom, a monocoque body structure and a range of off-roading tech borrowed from its larger siblings. No word on price, but figure somewhere in the thirties. Click through for more pics.


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