Free Disneyland Trip with Supercharger Install

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Nissan owners will be happy to know the Stillen company of Costa Mesa, California is offering a free trip to Disneyland with the purchase and installation of a supercharger system. The trip includes two days at the park and two nights at the hotel while the Stillen crew wrenches a gas huffer onto your VQ. Free vehicle pickup and post-vacation delivery of your newly supercharged ride is included. C'mon kids, we're going to light up the tires at Space Mountain! [Supercharged Disneyland from Stillen]


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I know. When it was minivan shopping time last year I lobbied hard for the family truckster to be a Quest, just because their is so much you can do with the engine (I've owned two modded Maximas). But my wife hated the way it looked, and since she'd be driving it, it got shot down.