Frankfurt Auto Show: Jalopnik Bin Ein Frankfurter

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We've got all the coverage you could ever want for the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, so keep your eyes paperclipped wide open from now until the last car reveal on Wednesday as we'll be bringing you the hot German action live from Frankfurt. You can either hit refresh every few minutes on our Frankfurt Auto Show tag page we've set up — or feel free to drop the RSS link into your fave feed reader. Either way, stay up to date — because you won't want to miss a single Teutonic second of the coverage. UPDATE: Third way is to use the cheat sheet!



Ray Wert

@discontinuuity: In case anyone's keeping track of Los Jalopniks, Spinelli and Bumbeck should have just landed in Deutschland. They're probably gathering their luggage right now and setting out for the hotel. Me? Oh, I'm in Amsterdam at a sports bar in Schiphol Airport making a Heineken "mein bitch" and waiting for my puddle jumper out to the land of frankfurters. And yes, I'm tired.