Frankfurt Auto Show: Dodge Journey

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From the I think it might be a minivan department comes the Dodge Journey. After seeing a surprising number of Chrysler minivans on the roads here in Frankfurt, we can see the appeal a space wagon equipped with a 2.0L turbodiesel from the Dodge might have for the European market. David and Danya changed outfits magically while metallic confetti distracted everybody temporarily, from noticing the Journey had appeared! Steve Perry was not on hand to belt out Don't Stop Believing, and thankfully there was no vocal laxative effect.



Minivans are lame, and space wagons quite clearly aren't. It's really quite cut and dry, wouldn't you say?

I would say general differences (not 100% of the time) would include ride height, profile, overall height, bench seats vs bucket seats, and most importantly sliding doors vs hinged doors.