Frankenstein Hunting Rig Has A Minivan Grafted Onto Its Roof

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This is a hunting rig built out of a 1989 Chevy Suburban with a Ford Aerostar grafted onto the roof. It is either an atrocity to vehicle aesthetics, or a tribute to American ingenuity. And yes, you drive it from the top.

Yahoo's Motoramic blog found this thing through The auction ended on the 4th, but the $8,000 reserve was not met by the lone bid of $5,000.


That probably hurt the feelings of the Texan who built this double-decker, as he claims to have invested $20,000 in the project. We don't know how much of that went to routing the steering shaft straight through the Suburban's hood, through the open air, and then back into the cabin of the Aerostar.

Ugly as it may be, this thing is one hell of a lot cooler than any motorhome or lifted truck you can buy from a dealership.


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