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We're sitting at a Starbucks on Watt Ave. in Sacramento, and across the street they're trimming trees. The sound of the chipper reminds us simultaneously of Fargo and of a Fuel car doing a burnout from a half-mile away. With that in mind, we thought we'd let you know that Funny Car vet Frank Pedregon, one of the Famed Flamin' Pedregons, has added a second car to his Funny Car team. Which will not be driven by a pregnant Frances McDormand, although maybe it should be. Heart Like an Overinflated Wheel, anyone? Joel, Ethan, hit that shit.

Pedregon's yet to choose a driver, but the car will be run not in the NHRA's POWERade Series, but in the IHRA's Torco Pro Nitro Funny Car Series. While Pedregon claims it won't affect his NHRA activities, we heard a lot of grumbling at SEMA about the way the NHRA has been handling things lately, and we wonder if Pedregon isn't at the forefront of a hedge-your-bets trend among big-league drag racing team owners.

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