Fox Buying Carbon Offsets For 24 Car Crashes

Existing to arouse torture-happy conservatives, 24 is going green to stop damaging the world the show is trying to protect. This could be a new plot twist: Jack Bauer realizes the global terrorist is himself.

Fox hired a group of consultants to measure how much carbon-dioxide is released from the production of the television show, including the spectacular car chases and crashes, so they can buy offsets. They're also using B20 biodiesel fuel in trucks and generators and paying more for wind and solar power. How much does 12 hours of 24 release? Approximately 1,291 tons of carbon-dioxide.


Though the message won't be a large part of the actual show, we like the idea of Jack Bauer torturing someone in an environmentally friendly way like, maybe, making someone listen to the An Inconvenient Truth soundtrack repeatedly.

[Photo: Fox, via NYTimes]

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