According to a poster on, LA-area Ferraristi Tom Meade had four rare vintage Ferraris pinched while he was "in the hospital recovering from a broken leg." If you happen to be scouring eBay and find a 1965 275GTS (pictured above), a 1969 365GT 2+2, and a 250GTE and 250GT PF coupe, both from 1961, go ahead and contact local law enforcement or IM the guy who goes by Krasnavian on the Ferrari chat board. We certainly wish Mr. Meade a speedy recovery from what must've been a pretty nasty broken leg, considering it required hospitalization long enough for someone to steal his stash of Maranello machinery. Given the rarity of the cars involved, and the small proportion of the population who could afford such vehicles, we'd imagine that the perpetrators of what must've been an inside job will be caught fairly quickly...or at least eventually. [; for more on Tom Meade, go here; Photo courtesy Heritage Classics]


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