Four Ferrari Supercars Take A Spin Through History

One of the better recent gearhead parlor games is to compare pros and cons among Ferrari's four supercars: the '84 GTO, the F40, the F50, and the Enzo. Although the impromptu donut-making contest between the four in this video isn't what we normally consider, it has its significant charms.


We're leaning towards giving the usually-underappreciated F50 the nod here because of its tidy controllability and compelling noise, but several repeat viewings will be necessary to justify a true winner. Just to be fair. Life is hard that way, y'know?

And wet pavement or not, we're glad we aren't on the hook for the tires. Those 265/50VR16 rears on the GTO especially have to be almost impossible to find and are likely priced accordingly.


(Hat tip to yoda2!)

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I'm probably the only Jalop who'd take an Enzo over an F40, but I have such a soft spot for them. They're crazy in a very, very good way. Oh, and I wouldn't get it in red, either.

I know. I'm weird.