Watch This Guy Crash At 180 MPH And Then Drive Home Like A Boss

Crash your car at 180 MPH? Don't be a wuss. Screw the tow truck and drive that sucker home.

This heavily tuned Mitsubishi Evo was making runs at the WannaGOFAST Chicago 1/2 mile shootout. The 800+ horsepower (at the wheels!) car makes a number of runs and they go swimmingly. But of course, that one last run is where it goes wrong.

The Evo hits 187 MPH in the half mile, but the shit hits the fan while he slows down. The Evo veers to the left and into the grass. There are a number of scary moments where it looks like he's going to get airborne and flip, but the Evo stays down.


He didn't spin the engine backwards or ruin the transmission, so he drive back to the staging area, checks out the damage, and then hops on the highway to get home.

As the video says, like a boss.

(Hat Tip to Paul!)

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Found it. Cyprus Rally 2002. Colin McRae rolls his Focus WRC. Fixes it. Carries on. Colin McRae rolls his Focus WRC AGAIN. Fixes it. Carries on AGAIN. Finishes the rally in 6th place